Submission Guidelines


Submission Deadline:

You will have the opportunity to make changes one time after initial editing.
You will receive your article for final review and approval prior to publication.


Your Story

You do not need to lay out your story the way you want it to look in the printed book. Our graphic artist will format the book to ensure consistency. Please use the following guidelines.

  1. Write your topic with up to 2,000 words using single space.
  2. Use Microsoft Word as your document application.
  3. Margins should be 1 inch left, right, top and bottom.
  4. Type your story in Times New Roman 12 point font.
  5. You may bold and italicize when you need them.
  6. Do not use page breaks.
  7. Use only one space after a sentence period.
  8. For new paragraphs, create space by using a single return.
  9. For subheads, create space by using a single return before and after the subhead.
  10. Do not submit art or graphics.
  11. Proof your work, use spell check and check for words that may have a different meaning, yet are spelled correctly.
  12. Proof your work again!


Your Head Shot

  1. Head Shot – Attach high resolution photo

Submit your story and head shot to as attachments.



About You

  1. Author’s Biography – Write up to 200 words describing your accomplishments, recognitions and your expertise.
  2. Contact and Story Information for book and project website.
  3. SEO data for DPWN to optimize your exposure.

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Thank you for following these guidelines.
Christie Ruffino