Our Mission

O vercoming Mediocrity© is a unique collection of stories from women who have created their own lives of significance, not only in their professional lives, but in their personal, physical or spiritual lives as well. We have some inspiring stories from established leaders who are making an impact on a larger scale as well as from those who are making a difference and impacting a select few in their everyday lives. These stories are meant to inspire and encourage women to realize their true potential.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide women the opportunity to share their stories and inspire others while simultaneously positioning themselves as experts in their industries, which will result in additional credibility and increased revenue.

Being an author positions you as an expert in your field to help you attract many new opportunities.

  • It will set you apart from your competition and add to your unique selling proposition (USP).
  • It will generate additional exposure to your business and traffic to your website.
  • It will attract media interviews, partners, and more speaking engagements.
  • It will create an additional revenue stream and provide a starting point for additional products.
  • PLUS you’ll build a loyal fan list that will want to hire and buy from you!


Our Project

We are so excited to begin our third anthology book in the series called Overcoming Mediocrity Volume III, A Unique Collection of Stories from ____________Women Who Have Created Their Own Lives of Significance. VOLUME I – Dynamic Women, was a smashing success as we released the book on May 28th 2013 with 22 participating authors sharing their stories meant to inspire other women to success. Plus we achieved bestselling status on Amazon in the motivational genre category in only one day. Yeah!!!! VOLUME II – Courageous Women was released in April 2014 also achieving the same results with our bestselling marketing strategy.

Because OM was such a huge success, we are launching our next book Overcoming Mediocrity Volume III which is scheduled to be printed and delivered before Christmas of this year 2014. And with the tools and tricks learned in Volume I and II, this book and its authors are sure to get even more traction and exposure than its predecessors.

Because of the great success of this series and because we want to maintain a quality book filled with stories of inspiration and motivation, we will be interviewing all future authors. All authors must submit an application to be accepted into the book so we know who you are and the basic theme of your story to ensure a quality product for all participants.

You can find the various participation and benefit levels on our “Participation Options” page. Choose the level you wish to participate and then click on the “more info” button towards the bottom to be directed to the correct application form. You can contact us directly if you choose our payment plan option or submit the attached “Payment Agreement”. All DPWN members get discounted pricing with the code found on the announcement page when logged into the www.dpwomen.com website.

Not sure how to draft and write a compelling story? We will help you with that so there is no worries…

Call me directly if you wish to brainstorm about your story ideas.
Christie Ruffino
Dynamic Professional Women’s Network