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Michele Malo
Michele Malo Wellcome Home, LLC.
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Michelle was one of the featured authors on The Morning Blend TV Show with Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle on April 22, 2014.

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Jacqueline Camacho
Jacqueline Camacho JJR Marketing
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Overcoming Mediocrity was recently featured on The Suburban Woman’s blog.

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Linda Meeuwenberg
Linda Meeuwenberg Professional Development Association, Inc.
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On May 7th Linda Meeuwenberg sat up two book signings with her local book store and a presentation at her local library in Cocoa Beach where she discussed her role as an author. She detailed her collaboration with other women on Overcoming Mediocrity. The presentation was so well received that they have invited her to return to conduct another session during the winter months for the snowbirds.  She will be doing the same for her hometown in Michigan. Most bookstores and libraries welcome local authors. She was successful in promoting another collaborative book – Stepping Stones to Success using this approach.  Linda is also an active member of her local Chamber who is helping her with the promotion of her book and has invited her to be a keynote speaker at their round table networking event in June.  100 local businesses will be in attendance at this annual event. As a professional speaker this event will be instrumental in providing leads for her assistant to follow up. She will also be given a table where she can sell and autograph her books.


Edie Gibson
Edie Gibson IHS Empowerment Group
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Listen to Edie share her experience as a c0-author in our book project along with tips on how she is going to maximize her new “author” status at all of her future speaking events on Blog Talk Radio.