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Learn the real story behind our "benefit rich" Overcoming Mediocrity project.

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We’re gathering a select group of amazing individuals from all walks of life to share their stories in our newest Overcoming Mediocrity anthology book, and YOU are invited to participate!

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become a Best-Selling Published Author in 2018

Learn How Easy it is to Get Increased Exposure & Credibility in Your Market by Positioning Yourself as a Published Author Quickly and Affordably!


        Sharing Your Personal Power Story This Way Will:

        Becoming a Best-Selling Published Author Will:


"Once an entrepreneur owns up to the fact that their life experiences are really what makes them an expert and that their story is the strongest gateway to connecting them to their ideal client, they will want to leverage it in a way that will make them money. They should develop what I call their “Personal Power Story” and although this story needs to be woven into their overall brand and highlighted in their own solo-book, both of those avenues take time and a considerable amount of resources. A compilation project is the quickest and most effective way for entrepreneurs to share and cash-in on their Personal Power Story quickly and with lasting results." ~ Christie Ruffino

One Benefit of Joining Our Project

We can provide you with an easy way to have your own book in your hands in the next few months without spending hours and hours to write, re-write, edit, re-write some more, design, lay-out, publish & print.

Another Benefit of Joining Our Project

We can help you to save valuable financial resources and give you the benefits of one of the most results orientated marketing strategies today and still leave you funds in your marketing budget.

Yet Another Benefit of Joining Our Project

The brilliance of participating in DPWN Publishing's well-planned and executed anthology book project is that not only will you see results quickly in a cost-effective manner AND you will exponentially benefit from the joint marketing efforts of DPWN Publishing and the partnering authors of the book.

AND Still Yet Another Benefit of Joining Our Project

You will have your own inventory of professionally executed, produced and printed books to share your story, inspire and motivate others while expanding your audience.

The Benefits of Joining Our Project Are Endless!

Your story will be shared with the world through Amazon for as long as the internet lives. And as our project grows, the exposure for each of our authors grows with it which means that you will have a never-ending audience wanting to know more about you.


(See Below)


Collaborating with others will bring us better results than going it alone! It’s the new paradigm for our shifting
society and as a conscious woman; you are on the leading edge of this highest form of meaningful collaboration.

"One woman CAN make a difference, but UNITED WE WILL ROCK THE WORLD!!!" - Christie Ruffino

My motto is, if you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong.  Christie and the DPWN Team made the publishing process so seamless and, dare I say fun, because they have created a system that is working.  All I had to do was to follow the bouncing smiley face (not literally of course).

When I learned about this project, I was already full into the writing, publishing, and marketing process of my other book, Getting Yourself Unstuck; however, I couldn’t put everything in that book.  Therefore, Overcoming Mediocrity allowed me to publish a very personal story that didn’t seem to fit in my other book.  Now going forward in my marketing, the two books will work in tandem.

Thank you, Christie and the DPWN publishing team!!!

Angie Engstrom - Author / Speaker / Coach

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III

Volume IV

Volume V

Volume VI

Volume VII

Here's How It Works

  • 1

    STEP #1

    Contracts are signed with the Publisher and Author agreeing to be collaborative partners in the book project. Authors receive Welcome Letter and outline of detailed steps of the process.

  • 2

    STEP #2

    You will write your chapter; 2,000 or 3,000 words depending on your level of participation. Your chapter will tell the story of your journey, your transformation, your growth or your business, and will provide tips, tools and REAL information to assist others on their own personal journey of life. Your chapter is your opportunity to have maximum impact, so positioning it and you in the best possible light are key!

  • 3

    STEP #3

    While you are working on your story, we will create your “Featured Author” page on our website and begin marketing your upcoming author debut. We will also provide you with the resources so you can also begin leveraging this opportunity with social media post and obtaining pre-sale book orders. In addition, we will add you to our Overcoming Mediocrity Author Facebook Group so you can begin collaborating with the current and past authors.

  • 4

    STEP #4

    It’s time for us to work on the Design, Editing and Layout. This is OUR job; you can sit back and relax as we put our team of experts to work to create a professional and beautiful final book just for you! AND… as we are in the process of production, we’ll also be putting together a Bestseller Campaign and marketing materials for use in the promotion of your book.

Imagine becoming an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author this year!*

Did you know? … Our Anthology Books have ALL achieved Amazon #1 Best-Selling status!

  • 5

    STEP #5

    “Roll the presses!” We will coordinate and submit your final book orders and order your personalized book marks and book launch post cards.

  • 6

    STEP #6

    We will CELEBRATE your new Best-Selling Published Author* success throughout the complete Dynamic Professional Women’s Network as well as Christie Ruffino’s social media reach. We will also create a buzz for you as a weekly featured author to our complete newsletter list and through a strategic PR Campaign.

  • 7

    STEP #7

    As a published author, you will CELEBRATE your success with your collaboration partners and you will begin your journey with your new book, automatic credibility, an expanded reach, high visibility and hopefully, as an Amazon Best-Selling Published Author.*


From Print to Profits Digital Training

Expert Training will be provided for you in a series of webinars so you can successfully market your book and sell yourself. This way, when you receive your books, you’ll know exactly how to make the best use of them as a marketing tool, a calling card and way to increase your business, your impact and your reach.

$397.00 Value



The difference between an expense and an investment is you. An expense is an expenditure that you utilize once, and then it’s over. It may be necessary but it’s all used up. An investment on the other hand, keeps giving. It turns your assets into more and more and more. Your greatest asset is you; your experience, your background, your education, your story. What’s valuable in your story? What do you know for sure? What have you triumphed over? That lesson, that understanding, that particular approach – that if other people knew, could change their lives forever and transform them. It would put them beyond their biggest problem and into prosperity. That’s the power in your story. That is the story that you can turn into cash. ~ Christie Ruffino

"It has been very exciting to be an author in the second edition of Overcoming Mediocrity. The stories of all the women are all so inspiring. I received greetings from many people who are interested in the book; some of whom I never expected to hear from. People who have known me for years mentioned that they learned more about me than they knew before reading the book. We all are on this journey of life and others are not always aware of what got us to where we are today.

I hope this will launch a new career for me as an author of my own book!"

Anna Weselak - CEO of Weselak and Associates

QUESTIONS? … Read these FAQS

Why should I be a Co-Author with this book instead of writing one on my own?

If I already have a book, why should I be a part of this anthology?

This is more than just another book.  Your book package includes step by step marketing training that you can use for your other books as well as growing your business, your list and your platform.

You’ll also have a team of other like-minded partners with aligned audiences spreading your message every time they sell or give away a book.  As you are discussing and selling this book to your audience, the other authors will be doing the same with theirs.  That’s why the benefit and reach of an anthology book is exponentially multiplied.  Through your partners, the co-authors, you’ll be touching readers you might not otherwise have reached.

You’ll also enjoy the sense of community, sisterhood and friendship of the other authors.


How do I know the other author’s stories and message will be aligned with my own?

That’s our job.  We will select authors who resonate with the message and tone of the title and ones who are serious about sharing the message with others.

Just like you have attracted this book into your life, the other co-authors have attracted it into theirs.  There is no mistaking the powerful energy of a collaborative process such as this, and all authors involved have a vested interest in the success of the book – just like you.


What if I don’t have extra time to write?

If you can write an article and you have a story to share, you will be able to write your story. We guarantee that participating in this anthology book is the fastest and least expensive way to get your message out to the masses.

We will also be able to guide you to a ghost writer if that’s the way you choose to write your story.


Is it really worth the money?

ABSOLUTELY!  Being a contributing author in this anthology book will provide automatic credibility for you and your business, a supply of books for you to sell and give away, one of the top marketing tools available and the great personal satisfaction of participating with other conscious individuals in this inspiring project.

AND, you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to participate.  We offer two different packages, so you can participate at whatever level is comfortable for you.  You’ll recoup the money you spend and even make money no matter which package you choose.  We even offer a payment plan.  And there is discounted pricing for the members of the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network.


Books, as shared by Alina Dizik in Crain’s Chicago Business, are now the new “business card”?   Read the full article here.

However writing your own book can take a LONG, LONG TIME!

"Working with you guys on this book has been one of the most efficient positioning and marketing projects ever. To have a finished product so elegantly & professionally done in such a short time frame is phenomenal.Thank you for making all of us look good and helping us get out there and be seen.”

Deborah Battersby - Success Matrix

Don't forget about this...

You will earn money from the sale of your books.

Sell 10 Books

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Sell 50 Books

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Sell 100 Books

Estimated Profit


Sell 200 Books

Estimated Profit


Secure Your Chapter in Volume VI.

CAUTION: Chapter Availability is Limited!!!

Gold Author Package
with Back Cover photo placement,
2,000 word story and Gold Author perks.


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3 easy-pay of


Platinum Author Package
with Front Cover photo placement,
3,000 word story and Platinum Author perks.


BONUS > From Print to Profits Digital Training




3 easy-pay of


Pring the Complete Benefit List HERE


I'm ready to leverage my story to build a more profitable business!

I look forward to chatting with you soon. Hugs! ~ Christie


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"Being a contributing author for “Overcoming Mediocrity” was a very positive experience for me. It has motivated me to continue writing and complete a book I started many years ago. The energy of the group was the fuel I needed to move me forward. I am honored to be among the other co-authors, who shared their inspirational stories. Women are amazing, that’s for sure! We are strong; bright; resilient; courageous; creative; compassionate; loving and giving creatures of God!"

Linda Lucatorto - The Oasis Experience Inc

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Of course or you would have never made it this far. You can learn more by watching these series of videos.

*DPWN Publishing does not guarantee #1 Best-Seller status, but with our experience and track record, we completely expect to be able to claim this honor for the book in at least one category!
**DPWN Publishing not responsible to reserve chapters for anyone unless a deposit has been submitted and approved.